What is localization?

Amancay Traducciones caters to an international market across a great variety of sectors, each of which has its own distinctive terminology, style and structural characteristics.
This means that an agency such as Amancay, which translates into 35 world languages, has to have a vast expertise in culturalidiomatic and linguistic differences, which allows it to offer localization services for the linguistic adaptation of texts and projects to specific target markets.

What can be localized?

Television and print advertising, publishing, web content and other media,

internationally marketed software, operating systems, apps, applications and programs are just some of the materials that can be localized.

Amancay Traducciones provides for the localization of these and a wide variety of other materials, including technical manuals, product labelling and whole websites.

Website localization

The contents of a multi-lingual website must be adapted to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the languages of its intended users. The style, tone, scripting components and search terms, which allow optimal positioning on search engine result pages, among other elements, have to meet the stringent requirements and expectations of target markets.
Revision and linguistic adaptation are essential to offering a high-quality product that is comprehensive and efficient in its intended use in targeting each and every country.

The importance of proofreading and revision

Proofreading and revision is especially relevant in the localization and linguistic adaptation of marketing and promotional messages, of texts encoded in other alphabets, scripts and numbering systems, of various writing forms (e.g. right to left, top to bottom) and of texts with programming and web development elements such as tags, meta tags and much more.

Why choose amancay traduzioni?

Today, multilingualism is part and parcel of modern society and therefore everyday working life.
For this reason, Amancay Traduzioni has selected expert mother-tongue translators who, with their specific skills and specializations, can offer clients proofreading and localization services of the highest quality, with careful checks, control and research into best understanding the demands and peculiarities of clients’ target markets.

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    Being far away, how can i contract your services?

    Though we may be on the other side of the world, you can still contact us by phone, email and Skype, just as any you would any other business in your town! The only thing to consider is the time zone, with our English staff fully able to respond from 2pm Central European Time, Monday to Friday.

    How is the cost of translation calculated?

    Costs are always calculated per word in the source language, except in the case of languages ​​with different alphabets (such as Chinese or Arabic), where costs are calculated per word in the target language.

    Can you invoice us as usual?

    Of course! Ordinary invoices are sent at the end of the month by email (in PDF format). Invoices issued to customers residing in the European Union are exempt from VAT and customs excise.

    What are the payment arrangements?

    Payment arrangements are agreed separately with each client.

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