Amancay: professional translation into 35 languages.

Amancay provides companies and professionals in Italy and overseas with specialist translation services from Italian, English and Spanish into 35 languages covering the most important global markets undergoing considerable growth across numerous industrial and commercial sectors.
Businesses have an ever increasing need to communicate with the wider world and Amancay Traducciones has responded to the demand with a great variety of specialisations across major and niche sectors.

Translations in concrete sectors

Technical translations: our vast experience at your service

Amancay provides a comprehensive technical translation service, covering manuals, catalogues logs, contracts, tender bids, budgets and financial statements, software and many other materials that require specific professional skills and knowledge and demand utmost precision and quality.
Amancay’s native professional translators have in-depth knowledge of their language and sector technical terms and make use of advanced dictionaries and glossaries, adapting their translations to the norms, culture and typical expressions of the country to which the translation is targeted, in order to offer the best in localization services.

Website translations: innovation & multilingualism

As with technical translation, website translation requires specific skills in dealing with a wide variety of topics across sectors such as clothing, engineering, computer science, food technology, science and so on.
Amancay professionals are also specialized in translating pages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), respecting the structure of the original texts and incorporating keywords necessary for the optimal positioning of websites on search engine pages.
Amancay also handles the translation of phrases for use in social networks, newsletters and a great variety of contents targeted

Marketing across multiple languages: Amancay Traducciones has the solution!

Translating advertising requires the skill of native translators who know how to adapt idiomatic expressions to the country where the product is marketed.
Companies and professionals see in Amancay Traducciones a benchmark for efficiency in crafting promotional material, thanks to the attention paid to the social and cultural realities of the various countries, in addition to the detailed appraisal of guidelines provided by clients.

Professional translators across business sectors

In its over ten years of experience, Amancay Traducciones has built a team of professional native translators who deliver technical and specialist translations to clients operating in numerous sectors such as mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, fashion, information and communication technology, economics, marketing, engineering, food technology, science, law, medicine and many more.

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    Being far away, how can i contract your services?

    Though we may be on the other side of the world, you can still contact us by phone, email and Skype, just as any you would any other business in your town! The only thing to consider is the time zone, with our English staff fully able to respond from 2pm Central European Time, Monday to Friday.

    How is the cost of translation calculated?

    Costs are always calculated per word in the source language, except in the case of languages ​​with different alphabets (such as Chinese or Arabic), where costs are calculated per word in the target language.

    Can you invoice us as usual?

    Of course! Ordinary invoices are sent at the end of the month by email (in PDF format). Invoices issued to customers residing in the European Union are exempt from VAT and customs excise.

    What are the payment arrangements?

    Payment arrangements are agreed separately with each client.

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