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How about international social media marketing?

Have you already thought about marketing your business online and want to broaden your audience? The solution is an international marketing plan, which, with your content, has the aim of even reaching users from foreign countries.
Social media (social network, blogs and other online spaces where you chat, spread news and share ideas in communities) is an online channel with so much potential: in fact, thanks to a minimum investment, you can reach hundreds, thousands and even millions of users in a few minutes.

Professionalism is required even to translate social media.

Exactly: to ensure the precision of texts, give meaning to messages and make them effective also in other languages, it is essential to turn to professional translators.
At Amancay Traducciones, we work daily in commercial communication, which collects various types of texts, including those dedicated to social media.
For example, many clients ask us to translate Facebook posts, articles of blogs or texts to send to portals and industry forums: to do this, it is important to focus on the countries the communication is intended for, through a good localisation service, avoiding machine translation.

Why not trust machine translation in social networks?

Quality content must be also created in social media, to transmit promotional messages, create useful information and communicate appropriately with your target.
This is when professional translation services are invaluable to do the job well, maintaining your online reputation at a high level and ensuring the correct comprehension of your texts.
This is the reason why Amancay Traducciones wants to give you some advice: do not trust machine translations, an option, which Facebook provides these days for example; they do not ensure quality translations. As a matter of fact, the translated texts appear muddled up, incorrect and messages are distorted.

Online translations and international communication.

Professional translations prove to be essential even in social media marketing, an ever-increasing way for web communication that however requires a selection of textual content: those that survive and bear fruit are characterised by quality and precision.

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    Being far away, how can i contract your services?

    Though we may be on the other side of the world, you can still contact us by phone, email and Skype, just as any you would any other business in your town! The only thing to consider is the time zone, with our English staff fully able to respond from 2pm Central European Time, Monday to Friday.

    How is the cost of translation calculated?

    Costs are always calculated per word in the source language, except in the case of languages ​​with different alphabets (such as Chinese or Arabic), where costs are calculated per word in the target language.

    Can you invoice us as usual?

    Of course! Ordinary invoices are sent at the end of the month by email (in PDF format). Invoices issued to customers residing in the European Union are exempt from VAT and customs excise.

    What are the payment arrangements?

    Payment arrangements are agreed separately with each client.

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